Don’t Trash Our Desert is a coalition of private citizens and public agencies that have come together to help promote a unified public awareness campaign aimed at keeping our desert clean of litter, illegal dumping and other debris.

Becoming involved is simple. Both businesses and residents are encouraged to help us spread the Don’t Trash Our Desert message and to take an active role in helping us put a stop to litter in our communities.

For more information or to request a presentation, please send an email to donttrashourdesert@gmail.com.






Don’t Trash Our Desert members are pleased to speak at a variety of events to help promote an anti-litter mindset and to encourage others in our community to become involved. Looking for an event speaker or presentation at your organization? Let us know! We’d be more than happy to stop by and give a presentation on the Don’t Trash Our Desert campaign and a number of ways that residents, community members, clubs, organizations and businesses can help. For more information, send us an email.

Here are just a few ways we have reached out to the community:Dont Trash Our Desert Collage

Council Presentations:

Town of Apple Valley – Terry S., May 26, 2015

City of Hesperia – Cari T., June 2, 2015

City of Victorville – Jennifer H., June 2, 2015

Radio Interviews:

KJAY – Terry S. – Begins at 58:30 minutes

K-FROG FM 95.1, KVFG-FM, The Route 103.1, KRAK 910-AM – Michael S.

Talk 960, High Desert Dialogue – Michael S.